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December 27, 2011

The Hexed


Charles II's genome was actually more homozygous than that of an average child whose parents are siblings.

17th century European noble culture commonly matched cousin to first cousin and uncle to niece, to preserve a prosperous family's properties. Charles's own immediate pedigree was exceptionally populated with nieces giving birth to children of their uncles: Charles's mother was a niece of Charles's father, being a daughter of Maria Anna of Spain (1606–46) and Emperor Ferdinand III.

Thus, Empress Maria Anna was simultaneously his aunt and grandmother and Margarita of Austria was both his grandmother and great-grandmother. The inbreeding was so widespread in his case that all of his eight great-grandparents were descendants of Joanna of Aragon and Duke Phillip of Austria.

Someone get this man an anchor job at the CBC. Ba-dum, tsh!

Though I admit I am going to have to factor the problem into my neo-feudalist manifesto.


First image: Clockwise from the top: Philip IV of Spain, Philip II, Charles II and Emperor Leopold I of Austria.

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