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December 07, 2011

Radiant Story

Skyrim feels so big in part because at 16 square miles it has a lot of territory to cover. More than this, its procedurally generated Radiant Storytelling system means you will not run out of things to do once the main quest line has been completed.

"The game eventually logs a huge storehouse of knowledge about how you've played, and subsequently tailors content to your capabilities and experiences. Entering a city, a young woman might approach you and beg you to save her daughter from kidnappers. The game will look at the nearby dungeons you've explored, automatically set the mission in a place you've never visited, and designate opponents that are appropriately matched to your strengths and weaknesses."

Skyrim round up: Handy both for my fellow cultists and one easy-to-skip post for everyone who has not drunk the Nord Mead.

i - Dovahkiin Guetenberg: 4000 pages of in game books in handy Kindle (MOBI) and Nook, iOS (EPUB) formats.

ii - Uncommon taste: Potage le Magnifique has caused grown men to weep with joy.

iii - Elder Scrolls Sweet Roll: Featurs a visual upgrade and some frosting.

iv - Not art / Art: The 20th century has a lot to answer for.

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