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December 03, 2011

Adventures in customer service

Conclusion: Canada's unemployment rate is too low.

Ghostofaflea 6 hours ago
Customer loyalty

Dear Koodo,
I was considering upgrading my old Motorola to the Nexus S. Then I noticed your $50- VISA gift certificate offer only applies to new activations. If there had been no promotion, I would have upgraded my phone. But seeing as you do have a promotion but care more for new business than existing customers, I am now considering closing my account with Koodo and moving to a carrier who wants to keep my business.

jaki (Koodo Customer Service) 3 hours ago
I agree, but we are offering up to $25 off accessories on android phones!

Ghostofaflea 2 hours ago
Seriously? You do realize Virgin also offers a contract free service AND has the Galaxy Nexus on the way this week. Koodo has last year's phone and won't even extend existing customers the courtesy of the same offer as people who have never done business with you.

I have been with Koodo for years. Obviously this has been a mistake.

jaki (Koodo Customer Service) 14 minutes ago
Well you have to compare apples to apples,

1) Assuming your with Virgin right now and you are looking to upgrade you are looking at getting $25 accessories off too (I walked over and asked a rep) you could be saying "oh Koodo is giving away $25 giftcards not accessories."

2) How is the phone you are looking for last years model? And why are you bring the Galaxy Nexus in to this? I thought you are looking for a Nexus S

3) Yes we are both non contract but SuprtTab takes for say a $80 monthly plan you are looking at 62months (5 years) and honestly our plans are way better

4) Are you sure you want to be with a company that copied EVERYTHING from Koodo? They copied our tab, unlimited incoming combo, data saver, Canada wide and just now they copied our new data saver.

I understand how you feel, I suggest you give retention a call tell them about your situation and they will most likely reward you with additional tab credits towards a Nexus S.

Good Luck.

Ghostofaflea 8 minutes ago
1) I am not with Virgin, but I will definitely take them up on your suggestion. Let's see if they will give me $50- to leave Koodo.

2) I am bringing the Galaxy Nexus into this because Virgin is offering me the latest Samsung product with the newest version of Android, a better processor, more memory and a bigger screen than the last year's model Samsung Koodo is offering me. Though you aren't even really offering me last year's model unless I am a new customer.

3) If you could be bothered to use English grammar and spelling I might reply to this point. Suffice to say their data plans are better than yours.

4) Virgin sure didn't copy everything from you. Unless their PR is as bad as Koodo's. Try Googling my name, btw. I have 1.2m unique readers a year and 40% of them are in Canada.

jaki (Koodo Customer Service) a minute ago
Pain in the butt typing on my phone, grammar least of my worries.
What kind of data plan are they offering?

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 3, 2011 04:39 PM