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November 01, 2011

GRRM Male Affect Disorder

A friend who I am going to assume wants to remain anonymous sent the following.


I just finished "A Dance with Dragons." I've been reading the Martin books bit-by-bit for the last 3 months.


Send suggestions, elsewhise I'm going to reread Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series.

So there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is you are not alone, being stuck after the latest Ice and Fire book brings on the male equivalent of postpartum depression. The bad news is there is no cure for the condition. Fortunately, with breakthroughs in narrative treatment, GRRM Male Affect Disorder may be considered a chronic manageable condition.

My first suggestion is a course of The Last Ring-bearer by Kirill Eskov. The Tolkien estate is on Eskov's ass so it is best to find as a pdf download (unless you read Russian in which case you can get a physical copy). It is a short book and will help with the initial effects of Westeros withdrawal.

In the longer term, immersion in an epic world of comparable scale but - critically - employing non-fantasy tropes will, in time, allow you to resign yourself for the next four or five years while Martin posts updates about the football game he just watched when he should have been typing his ass off instead.

Hopefully you haven't read Iain M. Banks' Culture novels. Start with Consider Phlebas. It will be good for what ails you.

PS: I have also found watching the Sharpe television adaptations helps. Sean Bean stars as himself.

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