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October 09, 2011

Heinrich von Herzogenberg - Symphony No. 1 in C Minor Op. 50 (1885)

Symphony No. 1 by Heinrich von Herzogenberg. Conducted by Frank Beermann with the NDR Orchestra.

Herzogenberg's music is most frequently compared to that of Johannes Brahms, and the two composers actually were linked through Herzogenberg's wife, Elisabet von Stockhausen, who had studied piano with Brahms. Indeed, beginning at their key signatures, there are more than superficial resemblances between Brahms' First Symphony, premiered in 1876, and Herzogenberg's, which first was heard in 1885. A contemporary reviewer remarked, "The symphony seemed to us to be one whole gigantic reminiscence, though in the best sense of the word, of Johannes Brahms."

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