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September 29, 2011

Dear Sobey's

Dear Sobey's,

I attempted to use a coupon for two Breads of the World baked-in-store products only to discover (not at the cash, but at the customer service desk) that the two loaves I had purchased did not qualify; this despite the fact they were in baskets some of which were labeled as Breads of the World (though not in the size limitation for the coupon) and most of which were identified by country (i.e. France, Italy, etc.).

I won't bore you, or take up more of my time, with the details but suffice to say your promotion has left me feeling worse about your branding (muddled and confusing, perhaps deliberately so), your front line customer service (who first ignored me - I mean literally skipped to the next customer and refused to speak to me - and then told me it was "not a problem") and your store managemer who told me this was the first she had heard of customer confusion on the subject (your customer service staff member told the cashier lots of customers had "made the same mistake") and that she was not to blame because Breads of the World labeling all came from head office.

That would be you. Please do something to make it more clear to customers which products do and do not fall within the purview of your promotional coupons (for example, if there is a size limitation on the egg potato salad, your coupon should say so; it doesn't). Otherwise, you risk annoying the people you are trying to impress.

The next time I am short changed on my points at one of your locations, I won't take it up with store management, I will treat it as a breach of contract and take your firm to small claims court.

With best regards.

The Flea


PS - Thanks for your reply asking for the store location so you could refer me to the manager I have just told you I have already talked to. But I have her card so if I need to get in touch I've got that covered.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 29, 2011 06:17 AM