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July 24, 2011


More from Comic-Con: George R.R. Martin discusses the meaning of the term "epic" and his inspiration for A Game of Thrones.

"I started with a vision of a scene where some wolf pups are discovered being born with a dead mother in the snow. It just came to me very vividly, and I wrote it. I didn't know what story it was part of or what world it was part of. I didn't know anything. But by the time I finished writing that chapter, I knew the second chapter. And once I was 50-60 pages into it, I decided I had a novel – or maybe more than a novel – so I thought I'd better draw a map and think about who these people were …"

And some critical advice:

"The key is to write, finish what you write and put it on the market. There are editors who will let you know if it's ready … by sending you a check."

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