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July 22, 2011

Weapon Masters - The Chakram

Featuring the traditional British bowler chakram.

SikhiWiki: Chakkar.

The chotta Chakkar or chakram (the small ring) is a steel ring 5 - 12 inches in diameter of varying thickness. When used in battle, it usually has a sharp outer edge, but for ceremonial purposes the outer edge is left blunt. It is classified as a quoit-type weapon which is thrown or hurled, either by being released after being twirled around the smooth inside edge by the forefinger (a favourite Sikh method) or released frisbee-like or discus style. It has an effective range of 40 to 50 metres.

Vocabulary builder: Quoits.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 22, 2011 05:58 AM