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July 15, 2011

People hate Mars


Ace reviews trailers and advance stills for several upcoming film releases: he introduces the mondo sounding Theater Bizarre; looks at John Carter, a Disney (?) adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic John Carter, Warlord of Mars; considers costume design in the next Spiderman reboot, and; discusses an ill advised prequel to The Thing.

Re. the latter: Chicks don't belong in a Thing movie.

I don't know, looks a little bit exactly like the first one, except now we have two chicks and a bunch of Norwegians in it. I sort of like the chick, but I don't think chicks belong in a Thing movie. The first one was notable for not having chicks, and better for it ...

Watch the trailer and tell me he is wrong. That said, Scully was an excellent addition to "Ice", a riff on the story featured in the first season of The X-Files.

Re. chicks: Michael Whelan's cover paintings for the John Carter editions of the 1980s had a formative influence on my development. I vividly remember the moment a college girlfriend turned around and I realized I was looking at Thuvia, Maid of Mars. Sadly, she would not have got the reference and I would have been doing myself an immediate disservice to have mentioned the fact at the time. This is the first chance I have had to explain the moment to anyone.

Necessary/unnecessary: The first official image of Colin Farrell in Total Recall, a remake not a reboot. Colin Farrell is an excellent actor but the project is most probably unnecessary; let's hope it a second look at PKD's story and not just an update of the 1990 classic. By contrast is the necessary, nay, critical news of an Underworld sequel starring Kate Beckinsale.

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