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July 11, 2011



Sarah Klose interviews 2006 ArtEZ Institute of Arts graduate, Iris van Herpen.

I have actually 4 ways of designing. Sometimes I do the normal way, I draw something on paper and I implement it afterwards into real life. But mostly I have the design detailed in my head and I implement it without any drawings then.

Or I start experimenting with different materials and techniques. And if I like some of the experiments, I start to endlessly moulage with it around a mannequin. Afterwards I make patterns and then the implementation comes. So the moulage is the design process. With that process I do not know where I will end if I start.

And now the new way of working is there as well, the rapid prototyping; I have something in my mind, I draw everything, optical 3D but actually 2D, on the computer. Then somebody else translates it into real 3D on the compter and after that a interaction of me and him starts; the whole process to find out what is possible and what isn’t.

Above: Tanya Dziahileva wearing an extraordinary - truly extraordinary splashing water dress. Vogue France has more images from Iris van Herpen's Crystallization.

Also: The limited edition Iris van Herpen X United Nude ankle bootie.

Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010: Iris van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen @ AIFW S/S 2011 (+ backstage footage).

How to pronounce Iris van Herpen.

The delightful Iris van Herpen pronounces the word "techniques", giggles backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Summer 2012.

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