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February 03, 2011

Kenneth Grant, RIP


British occultist, novelist and H.P. Lovecraft enthusiast, founder of the Typhonian O.T.O., Kenneth Grant has died. Grant enjoyed the mixed reputation attendent to anyone claiming succession to Aleister Crowley in one of several magickal orders; I tend to think Grant's claim to the title was the best.

Crowley himself described the man as "a definite gift from the Gods". Admittedly, he meant as a secretary but to someone with Uncle Al's organizational challenges I would take the words as high praise.

Context: Beyond our Ken: a review of ‘Against the Light: A Nightside Narrative’ by Alan Moore.

“This is a terrible defect in your outlook on life; you cannot be content with the simplicity of reality and fact; you have to go off into a pipe-dream.”
Aleister Crowley, writing to Kenneth Grant, February 15, 1945

As fascinating and as ultimately mystifying as a giant squid in a cocktail dress, what shall we make of Kenneth Grant? I know few occultists without at least a passing interest in his work, and I know fewer still who would profess to have the first idea what he is on about. What he is on.

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