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January 29, 2011

Fort-da game


It turns out the Alien prequel may have life in it yet.

"They’ve built the ‘space jockey’ cockpit at Pinewood as seen in the original Alien film, so it definitely takes place in the same world as Alien", they told us.

"Despite that press release that seemed to indicate there were no aliens in the movie, the familiar HR Giger-style aliens do appear. Big ones apparently."

More, including potential plot spoilers, shooting location details and Micahel Fassbender at the link.

This bullshit that you think is so important, you can just kiss all that goodbye!: For serious spoilers, go here instead. This latest monstrosity is going to be in 3D btw.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 29, 2011 05:48 AM