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January 14, 2011

The Trashmaster

A feature length film made entirely in Grand Theft Auto IV.

French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler has created what might be the first full-length feature film developed solely using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine. Weschler's 90-minute The Trashmaster still features the model of Niko Bellic, but in a very different role.

In The Trashmaster, Niko is a garbage man that cleans his city of more than discarded banana peels and stale bagels. As the "trashmaster," Niko also spends his time as a vigilante hunting down criminals whenever they happen to cross his path as he's pumping gas.

This is GTA IV directed by Luc Besson. It is humbling it is so brilliant; storytelling through editing, lighting, scene blocking and sound. The clinchers for me were the vaguely French accents - and diction - and existentialist narrative arc. With the exception of one or two cinematics borrowed from the game - and one special effects shot (of a spreadsheet) - Weschler never "cheats" but shoots the entire film in game.

This is more than a cute trick or pumped up "machinima", this is a proper feature film shot in Liberty City. It is a testament to what a real director can do and to the remarkable achievement of Rockstar Games' engine. Click through to Dailymotion and be certain to watch it full screen and in HD if your bandwidth will manage.

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