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December 31, 2010

Opening salvos

Erik Sofge games the opening moves in a war between mainland China and the United States.

"I get criticized often for saying this, but I think Beijing is capable of acting irrationally when it comes to Taiwan," says retired Rear Adm. Eric McVadon, who served as a naval attaché in Beijing and is currently senior adviser of Asia-Pacific studies at the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis in Cambridge, Mass. "They are obsessed with Taiwan. On some given day, it's entirely possible for people to be standing around a table in the Politburo in Beijing, and someone gets the ball rolling. And when it stops, we're at war."

Range finding related: The world's longest sea bridge. Just saying, if this is a war-war.

Pertinent comment:

I can feel an episode of Top Gear coming on!"

Achilles' heel: Think of the PRC's missiles as the equivalent of knowing lots of little things. Taiwan only needs to know one big thing.

Updatery: Mr. Parsons writes to point out an "open secret"; a secure, hidden airbase suggesting Republic of China defense planners have the above scenario - or something like it - in mind.

Taiwan military officials at Hualien Air Base disclosed April 27 that an underground air base located inside an adjacent mountain would serve as a sanctuary for its fighters during a Chinese air attack.

The hidden base, dubbed Jiashan, is inside a hollowed-out mountain just west of Hualien Air Base on the island’s eastern coast. The disclosure came as Air Force personnel practiced repairing runways after a simulated air attack from China as part of the annual Han Kuang military exercises.

Militaryphotos.net has discussion and Google Earth imagery here.

Oh, it be a mountain!!!

Take down the coordinates and look at the area on Google Earth. That baby is a mountain!!! The pic that I posted is not that accurate (I don't know how to copy the Google Earth pages like some other guys in the site do). But go to GOOGLE EARTH and the zoom function will allow you to see the tunnel entrances.

And the resolution of the area is so well you can actually identify:

--F-16's very easily in the reventment area and throughout the airfield
--a lineup of F-5's on the easterly ramp
--an ATR-72 in the civilian tarmac

--the base pool

Background: Republic of China Airbases.

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