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October 16, 2010

Canada was built on dead beavers

Fenris Badwulf: "I have not met anyone who had any book by Margaret Atwood that was not purchased, obtained, required but for some sort of school course."

The used store book guy would not take the four volumes of Margaret Atwood. He said that they never sold, except when school started. The students needed them at school. They then sold them at the end of the year, or sooner, as soon as possible. He could rhyme off the likely lesson plans of the local high schools and the likely weeks of the month when the unread rag stock pulp would reappear, unwanted, at his sales station. He scowled. No, said the bookseller of Guelph, he had never sold anything by Margaret Atwood to anyone just looking for a good read. No. It is not hard to realize that the popularity, the very existence, of Brand X is dependent upon the Red Fringe that lives, over paid and ability challenged, in the intestines of the body politic, the education bureaucracy. The witches, he called them, the witches.

They were now on a mission. The books had to be dispensed with in accordance with the wishes of Set, the Snake God.

Warning: Mission features climate controlled nipples.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 16, 2010 09:44 AM


I enjoyed reading Alias Grace; she managed to research enough detail to paint a convincing picture of mid-19th century Kingston.

It only fell apart when the titular character had a sort of breakdown/freakout and had a more or less bog-standard 20th century feminist rant about the social and cultural limits placed on women of the times.

Posted by: Chris Taylor [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 16, 2010 03:07 PM