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October 03, 2010

The kobolds may no longer rest easy


(Not a kobold.)

I now have my Dungeons & Dragons Premium Dice.

I cannot say why.

Related complaint: This is not the Fiend Folio. This is the Fiend Folio.

To elaborate: Gsundgnugenfreude explained.

People either love it or hate it. Well, maybe hate is too strong a term. Is there a German word for dismissing something out of hand due to 'obvious' lameness? Gsundgnugenfreude or something like that. Anyway, I will readily admit that the FF is chock full of crazy non-sensical monsters. The difference between me and the gsundgnugenfreuders is that I like it when parts of my D&D game make no sense.

These are mostly ad links, btw. I am multitasking.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 3, 2010 09:28 AM