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July 15, 2010

Battered woman defense

Dire news via Drew M. at Ace of Spades HQ: India has officially accused Pakistan of plotting and executing the 2008 massacre in Mumbai. Generally speaking, I am four-square with the morons at AoSHQ but - pace Drew M.'s analysis - this is not primarily a question of how to manage the Pakistanis let alone a diplomatic problem for the United States.

This is not an international relations case study.

This is a war.

Pakistan is making war on us, has been making war on us for decades. But from all the talk you would think this was an abusive relationship where India, Afghanistan, the United States, the United Kingdom and all the rest of us have to walk on eggshells for fear of triggering a tantrum and the back of the hand.

Somebody, anybody, but most probably India, has to pick up the cast iron frying pan and end it. For good.

Also: As I said, I usual agree with the morons at Ace.

Obama's lawsuit against Arizona contends the state is subverting federal law (they mean federal policy, because Arizona law says what federal law says) and hence is unconstitutional interference with the government's constitutionally-ennumerated power to control immigration and naturalization.

Ah, but what about the shoe on the other foot? What about sanctuary cities that explicitly declare policies of non-enforcement in direct contradiction of federal law?

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