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June 21, 2010

Open your eyes UK

A message from a member of the Manchester EDL includes course language and controversial opinions (held by everyone fifty years ago).

"Being a Christian. You know, even that's new to me. When I was brought up I was just brought up to be a good, kind person. I didn't even know I was a Christian until these Muslims took over my country. Now I'm a proud Christian in a Christian country with a Christian culture and Christian beliefs. Which I will die for. I will die for it."

He is not alone. Most of the Left has no idea its commitments to fairness and championing of the weak are Christian values (and, in the extreme, Christian failings). It is only the introduction of a competing value system that brings our "ambient values" into relief. As a civilization, we have had our way for so long, have been safe in our beds for so long, that anyone under the age of sixty struggles to remember any world but the one we have made for ourselves.

Not so odd if one pauses to consider it is only with the election of Barack Obama that most Americans are beginning to notice they are "white". Time for a free and frank discussion about infidels!

Expect more of the above as the original dynamic which produced the Crusades is replicated with YouTube, Red Bull and atomic weapons. Anyone prone to vapours at the sight of a man in a balaclava should note the man was not armed, had no captives to rape/"marry" and was not filmed sawing off anyone's head.

Quite the opposite: These working class lads wear balaclavas so they can express their opinions without armed men coming for them and their families. No matter if those armed men are from the Umma or from the police.

Related: Muslims rally for sharia law in the UK (via Blazing Cat Fur).

Update: All you need to know about Unite Against Fascism. Via Vlad Tepes who comments: "UAF chanting pretty much gives up the game don’t you think?"

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