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March 11, 2010

Why, yes, I would like fries with that

Reading: Today's young workers, it appears, believe they deserve jobs with big salaries, status and plenty of leisure time - without having to put in the hours.

They were found to value leisure time far more highly than older members of the workforce and were much more likely to want a job with an easy pace and lots of holidays. They were also less likely to want to work overtime.

Generation Y are much more likely than previous generations to see work as simply a means of paying the bills.

Writing: They can't read, can't write and think the world owes them a living.

Growing numbers of British school-leavers have 'attitude problems' and believe the world 'owes them a living', a Tesco boss warned today. Youngsters too often turn up late for work and interviews and fail to see the importance of dressing neatly and working with others, said Lucy Neville-Rolfe, director of corporate and legal affairs.

Many also struggle with basic maths and English as exams become easier and schools fail to properly enforce discipline.

Rithmetic: Teenagers who complete two weeks' work experience at a McDonald's restaurant will be awarded a qualification worth up to a B grade at GCSE.

Youngsters will be offered the 'certificate in work skills' for completing a ten-day programme which includes flipping burgers, serving customers at the tills and cleaning the dining area.

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