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February 17, 2010

Those poor folks in Alabama

Solomonia had a personal brush with University of Alabama shooter, Amy Bishop.

I feel the same way even though I never met the woman. But then I expect so does anyone who has had to face a tenure-track hiring committee. Not all of us have the foresight to leave our side-arms at home for the experience.*

I remember when the previous neighbor moved out it wasn't long before my friend started complaining. He had a deck in the back of his place that was effectively on the second floor making it very visible to the neighbor's yard and house. So one day I go over to find that he had erected a wooden privacy fence on the side of the deck facing their yard -- and only on that side. So I'm like, "Uhh...isn't that a little uncomfortable. I mean it's obvious you put that there just to block only those people." He tells me he does...not...care. He doesn't want to look at them, and he doesn't want them to look. He hates them, as does the entire neighborhood.

Slightly edited reminiscences at the link.

* I kid, I kid.

Update: Further adventures in self regard (link and quote via Halls of Macademia).

The authorities in Boston searched Dr. Bishop’s computer at the time and found a novel she was working on about a scientist who killed her brother and atoned by excelling at her work.

I'd give her a solid B+.

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