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February 07, 2010

The male curiosity motive


Tasmin Egerton finds sex scenes "horrendous", apparently. But to report the fact is not my motive in drawing the story to your attention.

She could always refuse to do them. It hasn't done Julia Roberts any harm. When an actress does these scenes at 21 she destroys the male curiosity motive, and her career tends to go downhill thereafter.

I have no clue who "Jim Hason, Ilford" might be but his comment - absurd as I think it might be - is more interesting than anything in the Daily Mail's reportage; a fact I am happy to generalize across the entire MSM presence on line and, perhaps, the salvation of their business model.

With this in mind, if anyone might suggest a straightforward comment system I might use to replace TypePad, please let me know. I am after some combination of simple registration, CAPTCHA and/or spam blocking in a system I can plug in to my creaking Moveable Type 3.2 set up. Something a bit more user friendly too, please. This might go some distance toward a proper conversation.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 7, 2010 07:58 AM


Oh, how I wish you were on wordpress then, it's so darn easy to manage comments and block spam.

Posted by: Chad [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 7, 2010 12:21 PM