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December 18, 2009

TypePad comment system farce

Update 2:49pm: Hello again, everyone. Comments were on the blink over the weekend, have been working again until this morning and now I find I cannot log in to my own blog to leave a pithy remark. I just sent a note to TypePad asking for their assistance but I am not expecting any help from them whatsoever. TypePad is introducing a "New TypePad!" which I suspect is the immediate source of the problem; the system has been sufficiently erratic over the years it is difficult to tell.

I am edging closer to disabling comments altogether. ("Welcome to the Ex-TypePad!")

In the meantime, this publication is provided free of charge (excepting the Amazon and Google eyeball fee), is published entirely at my expense and is the best I can do given my other responsibilities. I would therefore appreciate everyone fucking off about my non-functioning comments unless you have something constructive to suggest or hit my tip jar so I can hire someone to address the problem (excepting Jeff, who is sufficiently witty to entertain on this subject).

Now back to grading essays.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 18, 2009 06:27 AM