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December 16, 2009

Embarrassing dad dance explained

Psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt of the University of Hertfordshire believes he has found the secret to the "embarrassing dad dance"; older men are signalling their sexual incompatibility with younger women.

He is mistaken, obviously.

My comment to the Daily Mail:

Dr Lovatt might usefully consider how evolution works before reaching the conclusions he does from the data he has collected. While there may be an evolutionary advantage to young women able to choose the "green apple" over the "brown apple" such an ability would be counter-adaptive to those middle aged "brown apples". In other words, even if young women have evolved to see through the confidence and the awkward dance moves, every middle aged man has evolved to either fool such an adaptation (mate with me despite my age) or to be impressive despite it (see how confident I am).

Despite his background in psychology (mine is in anthropology), Dr Lovatt must realize older men are perfectly capable of fathering children; as a man Dr Lovatt may have noticed older men do not lose interest. Even if the older man is physiologically weaker compared to a young man, his appeal is backed up by the increased status, economic and social power enjoyed by older men, all of interest to a younger woman.

It isn't Mad Men, it's biology.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 16, 2009 07:54 AM