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December 15, 2009

Olly Murs & Robbie Williams: Angels

Think Morcambe circa 1950 - possibly Blackpool - as a reference for my favourite moment in this season of The X Factor. There is nothing intentionally upleasant about the show, nothing nasty; just a talent competition.

Not the strongest singer on the show, Olly Murs' competitive position has been down to his likability from the start and, I dare say, the fact there is something old fashioned about him, this emphasized in the linked duo performance with Robbie William, a Mancunian man of the people with wide boy appeal. It is all too easy to imagine these two as Tommies, spear carriers on the Elizabethan stage or, for that matter, half-listening to a speech on St. Crispin's Day. I am glad there is something left of England.

Also delighted to see a Christmas tree on stage. Good on you, Simon Cowell.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 15, 2009 07:41 AM