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December 11, 2009

Vlad the Impaler, a 15th century badass

While you may have heard Brad Pitt has a vampire film project crusading hero film project - Vlad - in the works, you may not have heard the screenplay was written by buddy from Sons of Anarchy.

Yes, Vlad the Impaler, a 15th century badass whose penchant for brutality and fighting at night were meant to strike fear in the heart of the Ottoman Empire and give his outnumbered forces an advantage on their home battlefield, was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. And yes, the Vlad screenplay, written by Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, will be produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B and Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight. But no, you will not be seeing vampires. In fact, that was a non-negotiable point for Hunnam, who became fascinated with Vlad, a national hero of Romania, when he spent five months traveling the country during downtime filming 2003’s Cold Mountain.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at December 11, 2009 07:27 AM


I watched Anthony Bourdain's trip to Romania.


I am afraid it has diminished forever the fictional allure of Transylvania. Just wait until the Count shows up at 2:28.

Posted by: OregonGuy [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 11, 2009 12:49 PM