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November 28, 2009

Cognitive dissonance

Bad magic is bad: Riyadh: man to be decapitated for witchcraft.

Ali Sibat, a Lebanese psychic who made predictions on a satellite TV channel from his home in Beirut, was arrested by religious police in the holy city of Madinah during a pilgrimage in May 2008 and then sentenced to death by decapitation on 9 November this year.

Good magic is good: Two million Muslims prepare to stone devil at haj.

Some two million Muslims headed to Muzdalifa on Thursday after spending the day at the plain of Arafat to prepare to cast stones at the devil in the most dangerous part of the annual haj pilgrimage.

Bright weather greeted the pilgrims after heavy rain hit the nearby city of Jeddah, gateway to Mecca, on Wednesday. Some 77 people were killed, none of them pilgrims, most of whom were swept away by currents and drowned, state television said.

The news about the sweeping away and drowning is not connected to my snide little juxtaposition. I include it as the event does not appear to have been widely reported. Perhaps it is because I do not watch the al Jazeera farm team CBC news. More likely it is because the tragedy did not happen at Rome or Canterbury and the lamestream media have no angle they can use to blame the Jews.

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