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November 22, 2009

Refuse to be sullen and cynical and silent and stupid

Truepeers offers advice and support to an exceptional young man. Testify, my brother.


I've always admired your writing. I've known smart, mouthy young guys, since I grew up at a time just before the schools and postmodern victimary ideologies conspired to shut up the young men who wanted to dominate the classroom with their spirited if often half-baked ideas. Believe it or not young guns used to be common if you went to the right schools. Sure, the overly-confident youth could be a problem in its way, one that was addressed by guilt-promoting ideologies. However, my last experiences, before I had to leave the academic world behind, was of young people now turned sullen and cynical and silent and stupid by the reign of PC and its demands for performance of self-incrimination/confession of "privilege", or assertion of victimhood, neither of which are often appropriate to a self-respecting youngster. I witnessed the rise of a reign of speech enforcers, people who thought it was their high duty to shut up obnoxious "privilege", indeed anything too normal or even anachronistic (as if the bad guys of old still mattered). What resulted, on one one level, was a lot of sexless males and genderless females - no one too boisterously natural - without much respect for truth beyond (cynicism of) the reigning pieties of victimhood... That was a much bigger problem it seemed to me.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 22, 2009 09:58 AM