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October 25, 2009

GeForce 9500GS Graphics Card Replacement Program for HP & Compaq Desktop PCs

If, like me, you purchased an HP Pavilion desktop computer thinking, "hey, that printer at the office worked most of the time" you may have experienced the same irritation I did upon hearing the desperate rattling sound of a defective fan cowling.

Do not be fooled by the linked instructions: Let us assume the on line interface will not take your CT number and Manufacture number on the first pass. The helpful telephone helpers will not only need the CT number and Manufacture number (circled in the linked instructions) but will also need your HP part number (not circled in the linked instructions). If you do as HP's instructions direct, you will have to shut down your computer and pop it open again on the phone to get the missing factoid. Best get that HP part number while you have it open the first time.

Here is the good bit in case you are not already having fun. Provided your particular defective part is covered, HP will then ask for your credit card number - or the defective video card - before shipping you a replacement. The manufacturer screws up but will charge you 65 dollars if you do not return their defective video card within 15 days of the (supposedly) working replacement arriving via UPS. This for me is the bridge too far.


Dear Hewlett Packard:

When I have dropped a couple thousand dollars for your defective piece of crap, you might do me the courtesy of shipping me my replacement graphics card fan cowling with an apology, not a bill for the replacement. You can expect an invoice for my labour.

As to my loss of productivity, we will call it a wash; I will bill your karma instead. With luck anyone reading this post will think twice before purchasing a Hewlett Packard desktop computer. And, once I have forwarded this post to Hewlett Packard, it is remotely possible HP will smarten up, apologize for the inconvenience and find some way to make it up to their customers for the trouble.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 25, 2009 04:06 PM