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September 11, 2009

Canaries currents

Connecting Lagrange points between plantary bodies produces a map of gravitational corridors in the solar system and, with them, a means of cutting the costs of space travel.

Professor Shane Ross, from Virginia Tech in the US, said: 'Basically the idea is there are low energy pathways winding between planets and moons that would slash the amount of fuel needed to explore the solar system.

'These are freefall pathways in space around and between gravitational bodies. Instead of falling down, like you do on Earth, you fall along these tubes.
'I like to think of them as being similar to ocean currents, but they are gravitational currents. If you're in a parking orbit round the Earth, and one of them intersects your trajectory, you just need enough fuel to change your velocity and now you're on a new trajectory that is free.'

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 11, 2009 07:28 AM