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September 06, 2009

We can have mammoth burgers

Mankind is perhaps 20 years from being able to clone a hybrid woolly mammoth so we had better start talking about whether or not mammoth ribs are halal. Also, about condiments. Cucumber mint sauce?

a team from Penn State University sequenced almost the entire genome of a mammoth using the same technology and a few months ago, the Max Planck Institute in Germany sequenced the complete copy of the Neanderthal nuclear genome. This has spurred genome-scale projects on extinct animals everywhere -- among many others, international teams are now at work on many of the iconic denizens of the pre-modern world, including the dodo, marsupial wolf, moa, and mastodon, with more efforts being reported every few months.

Marsupial wolf is a different story most probably calling for something hotter. Toronto foodies are best advised to try Mados' pumpkin and pawpaw pepper sauce.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 6, 2009 08:43 AM