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July 17, 2009

The concept of greatness is irritating and threatening

To think I came back to Canada. I blame both dimorphism and the process of sexual reproduction.

And I still wish someone would explain Mark Steyn's "Canadian" accent to me. It deserves to be sea-lifted from Lebanon and attacked on talk radio as a Canadian accent of convenience (via Five Feet of Fury)

Canada has done everything David Rakoff, Sarah McNally and Melissa Auf der Maur want—not least in their own fields. It taxes convenience-store clerks to subsidize books and writing and publishing and that wonderful “national conversation about literature like a big book club” in which everyone’s membership dues are automatically deducted from your bank account whether you go to the meetings or not. And still Mr. Rakoff and Ms. McNally and Ms. Auf der Maur leave. They applaud the creation of a “just” and “equitable” society, and then, like almost all the members of the Order of Canada you’ve actually heard of, they move out. Despite commending the virtues of a social “safety net” for you and everyone else, they personally can only fulfill their potential somewhere else, without one. Usually in a country beginning with “Great” and ending in “Satan.”

Update: Mark Steyn's mystery accent was resolved by email. Best left a mystery here though. :-)

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 17, 2009 06:54 AM