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July 08, 2009

They attacked us. Now it's our turn to attack them.

I am not certain which Biblical aphorism cum admonition covers this one. Quite a few, I expect.

A new wave of violence hit the capital of the Chinese region of Xinjiang today as thousands of angry Han Chinese rampaged through Urumqi, many smashing up Uighur stores and seeking vengeance for Han deaths at the weekend.

The authorities swiftly imposed a curfew on the restive city in an attempt to quell what the government has already described as the worst riots since the foundation of the People's Republic 60 years ago. Police attempted to disperse today's mob with teargas as they headed towards a predominantly Uighur area, but many were still on the streets armed with whatever came to hand: wooden staves, iron bars, metal chains, nunchuks, shovels and axes.

Rioters smashed Uighur restaurants, threw rocks at a mosque and threatened residents of Uighur areas, although moderates in the crowd attempted to restrain them.

"They attacked us. Now it's our turn to attack them," one protester told Reuters. Another said: "We're here to demand security for ourselves. They killed children in cold blood."

"It's your time to suffer," they shouted at some of the five- and six-storey apartment blocks lining Xinfu Road.

In Eastern Europe, that last but one would qualify as a political platform. Fascism is with us. We have forgotten.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 8, 2009 01:24 AM