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July 01, 2009

What's good for General Motors is good for Obama

Doctor Zero of Ace of Spades HQ describes America's transition to socialism. Free market types need not despair for the future; capitalism is alive and well in China.

If only for the moment. As mainland China gets wealthier I expect it will be able to afford its own Frankfurt School fifth column of arts and social science departments in short order.

This is brilliant stuff, btw. RTWT.

In a way, the notion of “tax and spend” is becoming obsolete, because Obama’s plan is to complete the re-definition of the relationship between citizens and their State. Prior to the 20th century, the American government was run something like a business, gaining its income by selling land, and services such as protection from piracy, through taxation on trade. When the direct taxation of income was made legal through the Sixteenth Amendment, the idea was to treat government as a necessary expense, borne by the wealthiest caste of Americans, to ensure the welfare of the most desperately poor. As tax rates increased, more working people were added to the tax rolls, and ever-larger benefits were paid out by the government, the relationship between citizen and state changed from welfare to socialism - which begins when the people paying for the benefits no longer control them. The modern liberal’s belief that anyone who desires lower tax rates is guilty of “greed” is a deliberate expression of this altered relationship. The people paying taxes have no moral right, and increasingly no practical means, to determine how much money will be assessed or paid out. The only legitimate factor is how much money the government thinks it needs, and can get away with appropriating.

Under Obama, a final transformation is taking place: the government no longer sees itself as an expense borne by its citizens. Instead, the citizens are now seen as components of the State. If the State decides to follow the religion of global warming, the citizens will be made to pay tithe, no matter what their personal beliefs are. If the State thinks only its wise stewardship can “save” the financial industry, banks will be forced to accept government money and controls. If the State believes private health insurance is not inexpensive or comprehensive enough, it will create its own insurance program… and force everyone who does not participate to subsidize it. If the State decides an auto company must be kept in business, for the benefit of a union that has essentially become a component of the State, then all other Americans will be compelled to finance that auto company. People joke bitterly about being forced to buy cars from Government Motors someday, but the situation is far more outrageous: we all work for Government Motors already, through hundreds of dollars in subsidies extracted from our tax payments. Depending on how much you earn per hour, you’ve spent ten or twenty hours working for GM this year, and they’ll probably conscript you again before the year is through.

Related even though Canadian socialists still think Obama is their friend: Canada becomes a tax haven and Tim Hortons comes back home.

Tim Hortons Inc., the quintessentially Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, wants to become even more Canadian. The company has filed a notice with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission stating that it wants to reorganize itself as a "Canadian public company" in order to take advantage of decreasing Canadian corporate tax rates.

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