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March 25, 2009

The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is now threatening $11,000 dollar a day fines for linking to sites on its internet blacklist. So much for my escape-to-Australia plan.

The Australian communications regulator says it will fine people who hyperlink to sites on its blacklist, which has been further expanded to include several pages on the anonymous whistleblower site Wikileaks. Wikileaks was added to the blacklist for publishing a leaked document containing Denmark's list of banned websites.

The move by the Australian Communications and Media Authority comes after it threatened the host of online broadband discussion forum Whirlpool last week with a $11,000-a-day fine over a link published in its forum to another page blacklisted by ACMA - an anti-abortion website.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 25, 2009 04:08 AM


Wait, no one bans Wikileaks.

Grrr. Has Anonymous heard about this? Wikileaks is v. important to their most prominent cause down under.

You seen Edward Norton or Brad Pitt around here?

Posted by: agent bedhead [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 25, 2009 09:50 AM

Won't work. Just a hunch.

Posted by: Occam's Carbuncle [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 25, 2009 01:47 PM