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January 23, 2009

The policy of Russia is changeless. Its methods, its tactics, its maneuvers may change, but the polar star of its policy, world domination, is a fixed star.

Given a recent serious mishap, India might not be too put out at Russia's indefinite delay in making good on their submarine contract.

The Russians, for their part, appear to be having rather more success with the MoD.

An internet virus was last night blamed for disabling the IT systems of 75% of Royal Navy ships, before it apparently diverted defence staff’s emails to a server in Russia.

Well played, Ivan. Time to change the combination on those bicycle locks.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 23, 2009 05:29 AM


If this is Russia's policy, she has shown absolutely no aptitude in bringing it to fruition. Russia is a basketcase.

Posted by: Occam's Carbuncle [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 23, 2009 08:54 AM