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January 15, 2009


Yet more evidence the Czech Republic veers perilously close to government by the sane as a sculpture is unveiled in Brussels. The occasion: The Czech's turn as holder of the European Union "presidency". Not everyone is happy with the result.

Called "Entropa," the piece is a €373,000 over-sized mosaic map of Europe that relies on stereotypes to depict each country. And a number of countries are furious about it.

"It is preposterous, a disgrace," Betina Joteva, press officer for Bulgaria's permanent representation in Brussels told the euobserver Web site. "It is a humiliation for the Bulgarian nation and an offence to national dignity."

Joteva has, perhaps, reason to be upset. Her country is depicted in the eight-ton sculpture as a Turkish toilet. Many speculated that the reference might be to the centuries Bulgaria spent under Turkish rule.

Romania; a Dracula theme park (win). Holland; flooded over "with only a few minarets poking out above the waves" (fail). Flea-readers will be delighted to learn the UK was omitted from the piece (epic win).

Update: Channel 4 has video of David Cerny's conceptually satisfying piece. Also, of a Channel 4 "reporter" - having decided to "report" on a lone protester - getting a righteous beat down by an irate Israel.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 15, 2009 06:27 AM