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October 28, 2008

To clarify a point of definition

Barack Obama is not a socialist. Hillary Clinton is a socialist. Tony Blair is a (sort of) socialist. And, if we are honest, George W. Bush is actually a socialist. As, I would argue, is the case for the political establishment of the entire Western world since the 1930s. Marx's prognostications about the dialectic were more or less right on schedule, it is just that most Marxists (having not read Marx) have failed to notice.* For those of us who like the idea of 1870s Deadwood or Heinlein's Freetraders in principle but who also like working traffic lights and a municipal police force in practice, socialism writ small is not such a bad idea.

Barack Obama is not a socialist. Barack Obama and his co-conspirators are revolutionary communists.

In so far as socialism is involved it is because Obama enjoys the naive support of academics, well-meaning wealthy people who have never had to work, social gospel Christians and the left of the Democratic party who have yet to figure out George Bush is not the enemy.** Obama also happens to enjoy the support of black national socialists and Arab national socialists (many of whom are pretending to be Muslims). Non-socialist but non-trivial - particularly given a "global test" - is Obama's support among Muslims who for some obscure reason assume Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim and therefore by definition not a socialist. They would be best advised to remember taqqiya works both ways.

Given an Obama presidency (by no means a given), mainstream Democrats and their moonbat would be advocates at Daily KOS et al are going to enjoy the show trials for precisely as long as it takes Obama's crew to turn on their own revolutionaries. Writing from north of the border, I plan to stock up on popcorn for the Night of the Long Knives if for nothing else. But I weep for the Republic should this evil man and his evil friends hijack the Presidency and turn the American government into a flying suicide bomb aimed at square at the heart of the American people and all they hold dear.

* I am prepared to defend this assertion in detail. Though I should really do so at book length.
** That goes double for Christopher Hitchens. Mr. Hitchens, Sarah Palin is not your enemy.

Update: Dust My Broom... He is coming for you next.

Last week we enjoyed the confrontation between Barack Obama and Joe the plumber with his $250,000 dollar question. One of the hardest-working, thrifty and most progressive plumbers in the village was wondering why Barack Obama would put a stop to his dream of being more then just a lowly peasant with his proposed tax increases. The revolutionaries came down hard and Joe was quickly discredited as a liar. He was not a plumber, he owes money on back-taxes, he was actually dishonest, fat, lazy, and gluttonous.

Those in the lower classes standing steadfastly behind the campaign haven't figured out that this 'modern communist revolutionary' is in fact coming for them next.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 28, 2008 07:43 AM


And Michele will make a lousy Eva Peron!

Posted by: jdpercifield [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 28, 2008 09:25 AM

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