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October 31, 2008

Exeunt Saxonum


With the retreat of Empire, the Romano-British decided to import Germans to do their work for them. These barbarous newcomers, energetic and fecund in comparison with an enervated host population of sophisticates, started as a trickle and became a flood. It has been fifteen hundred years since this generational conquest of Britain, so long that the English themselves have forgotten how they took title to the land; their only memory that of a British war leader now wrongly celebrated as an English folk hero.

Give it a hundred years and Arthur will be remembered as a Muslim, celebrated for his expression of Islamic chivalry.

With luck and a fair wind next week the free world may once again find the man it needs to stand up in the hour he is needed. Or it may be the will to decline will take office and right thinking people will discover the police and the judiciary perverted into acting against them.* The latter outcome makes the task ahead of us all the harder in the short term. But even a victory for a latter day paladin - the real deal, a stand up bona fide hero - risks lulling us into a sense the confrontation is a matter of winning a few pitched battles, only of winning a couple wars. This would be a mistake. No matter the outcome of next week's presidential election, I have been told over and over again England is already lost. We cannot win the war this way, my friends. We have to start thinking unconventionally. It is that or the Saxon keeps coming no matter the glory of Badon Hill.

* Do not mistake this for hyperbole. In Canada, saying the wrong thing even in jest can drag you through Star Chamber tribunals and commissions without the benefit of due process, can bankrupt you, destroy your career and your family, result in lifetime bans on free speech and expression (of the Gospel, no less) and ultimately even lead to imprisonment. Freedom of speech and expression, freedom to practice religion as we choose, are guaranteed by our constitution. For all the good it does us. And for all the good it will do you once Obama has appointed three Supreme Court Justices.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 31, 2008 03:07 AM


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