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July 14, 2008

Kaidan sounds


Updates to the musical stylings of the Flea.

Update the first: I am delighted to have been included in a sampler for a special issue of Otaku Magazine; "Kaidan Sounds" accompanies Otaku Kaidan.

KAIDAN is the term used for the Japanese ghost stories, and, extensively, for the J-Horror culture. The Buddhist moralizing stories were rapidly transformed into international shockers; people wanted more frightening monstrosities and oddness, with no direct connection with the Western horror. Manga, anime, movies and the subcultures developed around them competed in shicks and panic. If you really want to know why on the Japanese horror movies is written 18+, take a look at the next issue of Otaku Magazine. Nevertheless, is our duty to warn you that all who looked inside certain pages of this issue have disappeared shortly after. Still, it might be just a story to send the children to sleep for good.

Update the second: I am also delighted to have been asked to contribute to "Free Tibet Free", a Dark Transmissions industrial sampler whose proceeds are contributed to the Central Tibetan Secretariat in Dharamsala. It is an honour to have been anthologized alongside Asmodeus X, Bleiburg, Horologium, Aesthetic Meat Front and many others. I am particularly delighted to find Life's Decay on the sampler, they are a Flea-fav.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 14, 2008 05:53 AM