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April 30, 2008

Here I stand, I can do no other

Kathy Shaidle attends a press conference, wins an evil eye staring contest ("Heh. Made 'er blink.") and cites Martin Luther. That has be, what, three signs of the Apocalypse? Money quote:

And we're supposed to believe these people invented chess.

Snark warning: May be illegal to think, write, read or link this material in Canada ("the ancient Ojibwa word for 'kick me' "). Shaidle concludes her thoughts with an observation on living in this Magical Land of Upside Down. Agreed.

Update: WebElf comments on the "Russian Roulette @ The Royal York" at Free Mark Steyn:

Once you get past the off-off-off Broadway SockPuppet tragicomedy Theatre, there’s a horrible ‘this for that’ game that Lawfare Jihadis think can pass for civilized discourse.

As if we were pretending to be in a lefty commitee, but were really in the midst of Schindler’s List, except the precious things we were being asked to beg and negotiate over weren’t human beings, but freedoms, democracy, and the reputation of Mark Steyn and Ken Whyte, amongst other things. A semi-polite hostage crisis, if you will.

Lefty committee meets Stalinist show trial is exactly right; and we are sliding ever more quickly into Schindler's List territory. This pantomime of justice reminds me of every "dispute resolution" process I was ever witness to in over fifteen years in academia. Your guilt is predetermined by your relationship to tawdry, evil apartheid politics of identity and - if you are resourceful, well connected and have your own hand in identity poker - how much it would cost a department to be rid of you. I am not surprised by anything Canada's "human rights" commissions have done, only that the rot has crept out of the university system and into the "real world".

This high handed nonsense works on easily cowed academics, already keeping their heads low for fear of their grades, their tenure applications or a sit in by the campus Black Shirts. But these tactics will not work on free men and women, unashamed of themselves, proud of their history and willing to fight tooth and claw for the rights granted to them by God and the strong arm of their ancestors.

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