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April 17, 2008

For your edification

A number of interesting sights and sounds that have been bumped by recent ranting:

The Táin and the Ulster Cycle... Kathleen Howard describes Paddy Brown's The Ulster Cycle as "a terrific blend of the Iron Age and the modern."

The Moving Pyramid (2001)... The Moving Pyramid is "a charming animated short that tells the story of corruption, power and revolution." My favourite idea is the carrot. That is old school Hermetic motivational magick.

The Archangel Grimoire, representing the Enochian End of Days... Paul Tronson discusses bookbinding with Maybe Quarterly. One book in particular stands out.

The book that Paul Tronson calls the Archangel Grimoire is 14.5 inches in height, by 10 inches in width. Inside are 320 pages with hand-marbled endpapers, and it is bound in vegetable tanned virgin calf leather that has been colored by the use of two separate vegetable dyes. As the reader can plainly see, the cover features some intricate design elements, which are incredibly time consuming, as they are handmade and hand-tooled. However, the end-product is striking and beautiful, and would be a welcome addition to any serious magician’s library.

And last but not least, the official trailer for The Chemical Wedding. Bruce Dickinson's Aleister Crowley extravaganza is sure to be the feel good movie of summer 2008 (via Dodgeblogium).

In a secret laboratory at Cambridge University, ground-breaking experiments are afoot to fully integrate a computer program with the human brain using a state-of-the art ‘interactive suit' linked to the biggest super-computer in the world – the Z93. One of the Cambridge boffins is an obsessive follower of the turn of the century occult leader, Aleister Crowley, and has reduced Crowley's occult rites to a series of equations and entered them in to the Z93. Bumbling academic, Professor Haddo (Callow) is the willing volunteer, desperate to get inside the mind of the long-dead Crowley, in this ultimate ‘virtual-reality' computer game experience.

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