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February 15, 2008

Mind the gap


The Drink Soaked Trots have identified the single greatest source of entertainment on the intertubes, viz comment to Max Gogarty's gap year travel Guardian blog. A relatively benign example:

Oh Christ, this guy's going to get an absolute hammering. CiF commissioning editors, you are cruel, cruel beasts. I almost feel sympathetic. Almost.
Don't forget, poverty is sad, but kinda authentic and like ennobling, mmmhmmm.
Why does nobody go looking for themselves in Belarus?

It turns this will not be Max Gogarty's first trip to Thailand. He is the son of - wait for it - a Guardian travel writer. On the surface this story has all the break out from nowhere, independent artist excitement of Lily Allen's MySpace page (cough cough); a know-who vs know-how situation. But I am reminded more of David Simon's self-regarding fifth and final season of The Wire in which the best show on television is reduced to a platform for his old grievances with the Baltimore Sun. It is a bit much to spend four years in the slums of Baltimore and expect us to be broken up over the hard lives of journalists.

That said, The Beach was a great film; seriously underrated. Will, you will like the bit about local farming cooperatives.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 15, 2008 06:27 AM