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November 07, 2007

The Soldiers' Story

Panorama presents that rarest beast to be found on British public television: A sympathetic portrayal of the British mission in Afghanistan, the British Army and - most important - of British soldiers. "Taking on the Taleban -The Soldiers' Story" will be available as streaming media for the next few days (via the Drink Soaked Trots).

With two companies of Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers, we joined the Grenadier Guards as they headed into the Green Zone. The aim was to clear the village of Kakaran and hold on to it. At the same time the Worcester and Sherwood Foresters were to clear and hold Rajim Kalay, north east of Kakaran. Both forces would then work together to further clear and hold the Green Zone.

We drove to one of the patrol bases and slept on the sand and gravel outside. At 0200 we got up and walked into the Green Zone; by morning we had gone through the whole of Kakaran without incident. The sun wasn't yet scorching and I was enjoying a ludicrously false sense of security when one of the interpreters ran over with a radio held in the air.

He'd found the Taleban's frequency and had heard them say that they were about to attack. ...

For so it is written: Watch the whole thing. If you cannot spare the time, watch a few minutes from about 36 to 41 minutes in. The people want the Afghan and the British armies to stay. Remember this the next time some self-styled progressive wants to hand everything back to Dark Ages lunatics. I will try to remember it the next time some intemperate thought crosses my mind.

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