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August 13, 2007

Free Apnea


Apnea is off-line thanks to a reported lawsuit launched by alternate totty empire, Suicide Girls against independent photographer Philip Warner, aka Lithium Picnic. Apnea explains.

Hi everyone,

This is Apnea with some not-so-happy news.

As a result of the ongoing pressure and financial losses incurred from defending against Sean Suhl of SuicideGirl's $100,000 lawsuit against Philip for shooting me for my site apneatic and the emotional stress and damage this has done to his business, Philip is taking the Lithium Picnic site offline until further notice.

I've taken it over for now so he can focus his time and resources on his case and raising funds. Please contact him at lithiumpicnic at gmail dot com if you have a paid project that you would like to discuss with him.

SG is now making the preposterous claims that they taught him photography and web design and they are going after the profits of my site.

You can read my response to their recent public statement HERE.

Apnea goes on to explain Philip is selling his Houston studio and much of his photography gear. Nightmarish. Due to his writing a regular column for Suicide Girls, I sent a note to Warren Ellis about the controversy. Flea-readers with pertinent legal expertise might also consider volunteering some time to the cause; surely there is none better.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 13, 2007 06:57 AM