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September 11, 2007

We are just another damn song


"Los Angeles, as I have stated elsewhere, is a city that might have been designed by eighth grade girls." So Theresa Duncan introduces Ghost Ships of Los Angeles, yet another small gem unearthed - new to me, at least - since her death (via Blogging.la).*

The lack of direct routes to the things one wants in Los Angeles is made up for by the fact that seemingly anybody can be in charge here. It is possible to control Los Angeles by being the one with the most vivid fantasy about it. You might be from the planet Venus and have been sent down as the heir apparent to the Queen of Los Angeles throne. And okay, if you say so. Because not only will not many contradict you, you will find people ready to believe it. The people of Los Angeles are often without neighbors they know or close friends or even a regular coffee hangout, but in this age of surveillance, moderation and nuclear family busy bodies, there is still a strange thrill to living in what may be the most unsupervised city in the United States. There’s no one around to see that the grand and historic Ambassador Hotel is preserved, let alone an empathic eye in the sky watching every sparrow fall.

And the converse just as true. A few busy-bodies' difference and Theresa and Jeremy Blake might still be creating things. Why does anyone commit suicide? And why these two in particular? Writing for Gawker, Choire offers a simple, arguably uncharitable but in a strong sense inarguable, point: "Not unexpectedly, no one as yet has an "answer." I do! You know why they killed themselves? Because they were fucked in the head. Just like everyone else who's ever killed himself." (hat tip to Agent Bedhead)

* And another moment via the LA Times.

Yesterday I came across a post from Sept. 27, 2005, illustrated with a photograph of Duncan and Blake together on a couch in their Venice cottage. Duncan was kneeling, facing Blake and holding a stethoscope to his chest. She explained that they'd been chosen by an artist who was collecting sound recordings of "lovers' heartbeats" and that the photograph was taken as she recorded Blake's. Duncan described the experience as "amazing, like staring through a telescope at a vast and previously undiscovered world. The beats sounded so powerful, and yet so temporary," she wrote. "We are just another damn song."

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