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July 04, 2007

Loop Quantum Gravity

Penn State physicist, Martin Bojowald gives some thought to the Big Before. It turns out the minimum volume of the universe at the "Big Bang" was not zero and its maximum energy was not infinite...

The idea that the universe erupted with a Big Bang explosion has been a big barrier in scientific attempts to understand the origin of our expanding universe, although the Big Bang long has been considered by physicists to be the best model. As described by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, the origin of the Big Bang is a mathematically nonsensical state -- a "singularity" of zero volume that nevertheless contained infinite density and infinitely large energy. Now, however, Bojowald and other physicists at Penn State are exploring territory unknown even to Einstein -- the time before the Big Bang -- using a mathematical time machine called Loop Quantum Gravity. This theory, which combines Einstein's Theory of General Relativity with equations of quantum physics that did not exist in Einstein's day, is the first mathematical description to systematically establish the existence of the Big Bounce and to deduce properties of the earlier universe from which our own may have sprung.

Beyonder to line five. Paging the Beyonder...

In tangentially related physics: Warren Ellis comments on global warming. We have two choices, apparently.

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