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June 17, 2007

The Brixmis Story

The Germans thought they were there to keep an eye on the Soviets while the Soviets viewed them as part of the team keeping a lid on the Germans. Using apples to measure gun calibres, knicking reactive armour off a tank, making off with an advanced radar Hunt for Red October-style*; I think Brixmis officer has to have been one of the most awesome jobs in history.** More like joining the freaking DĂșnedain than boring old MI6. Lots of fresh air and cocking around in defense of liberty. Best to listen as soon as one can; I do not know how long Radio 4 keeps these documentaries on-line.

Jolyon Jenkins tells a little known story of the Cold War. The Brixmis officers were some of the most effective gatherers of military intelligence behind the Iron Curtain, stealing Soviet military hardware and searching East German rubbish dumps for classified information.

* Details on the Havelsee incident are on-line for those Flea-readers who, like me, had never heard of it.
** BRIXMIS standing for the British Commanders'-in-Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany, established on 16 September, 1946 under the Robertson-Malinin Agreement between the chiefs of staff of the British and Soviet forces in occupied Germany. Much more at the BRIXMIS Association.

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