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April 05, 2007

Nostradamus Library

Luxist asks if we know any "any reclusive millionaires with an end-of-the-world obsession"; excepting the millionaire bit I certainly fit the bill. Though I am less reclusive than I used to be... but I digress. Given a massive lottery win I expect I would turn up at Swann Galleries in New York for April 23 if only to have a look at the Nostradamus Library of the late Peruvian collector, Daniel Ruzo de los Heros.

Sale highlights include the only known copy of the earliest surviving prognostication, Prognostication nouvelle, & prediction portenteuse, pour Lan M.D.LV., Lyon, [1554] ...; the only known copy of the earliest surviving almanac, Almanach Pour l'An 1557 ...; the 1555 Lyon edition of Nostradamus's collection of recipes for cosmetics and preserves, Excellent & moult utile Opuscule à touts necessaire ...; a first edition in German of the treatise on cosmetics and preserves (fourth illustration); and what appears to be an unrecorded edition of a plague tract attribued to Nostradamus, Paris, circa 1598-1603

Posted by Ghost of a flea at April 5, 2007 07:01 AM