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September 15, 2006

Chacun à son goût


Imagine if your regional government banned Page 3 girls representing anything more pneumatic than a B Cup and you imagine a precise equivalent to Madrid's current policy toward the Pasarela Cibeles. The only reason this semiotic hygiene is not dismissed out of hand is for supposed fears of anorexia and the inevitable admonition we think of the children.

Yet there is cause for optimism for all this latest foray by the pointed-headed in their Forever War Against Fun. First, the French have refused to surrender to Spanish caprice.

Didier Grumbach, president of the couture federation and chamber of haute couture, told AFP late Thursday that "everyone would laugh" if France attempted to follow suit. ...

"That worries me," Grumbach commented: "We are not going to regulate in tastes and colours. If Jean Paul Gaultier wants to take fat people for his catwalk shows, we are not going to stop him. ... When (John) Galliano puts on the catwalk people who are not pretty pretty, no one thinks to reproach him," he added.

Quite right. As Grace Jones puts it: You use the weapons you've got. Which brings me to our second cause for optimism: Dirndl models. The world is bountiful and with more than enough beauty in the 'verse to go round.

Pull up to the Update: More Grace Jones.

All must have prizes Update: Will England bottle it? And while we are legislating success, let's have legislation banning Olympians who are abnormally tall, fast or strong; if only to be consistent with the maximum intelligence cut-off for holding public office.

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