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July 17, 2006

A mystery wrapped in an enigma


Japan's "answer to Elvira", Miri Hanai enjoys "reading, karaoke, and watching vampire movies"; surely evidence of a beneficent Creator. Chris at Home, a Jawa American living in Mindanao, ponders the mystery of Miri Hanai's popularity in Japan. Commenters are limited to two guesses; hardly sufficient to grappling with this challenging puzzle. Indeed, while non-Japanese Flea-readers may never fathom the enigma that is photo gravure aidoru appreciation I hope this post goes some way to bridging the distance between and amongst cultures and just possibly boosting my Monday traffic figures. Interesting fact: 10% of Japanese men in their 40s are virgins (via Chris at the Jawa Report).

Kineda and YouTube have more Miri Hani coverage. Though coverage may be an inapt usage given the circumstances. I particularly enjoy the music in Miri Hanai 10 and the magic scarf in Miri Hanai 01. None of this is particularly safe for work unless, of course, you are employed in the pneumatic bikini modelling sector.

Wow, so they pay you to do this Update: If you are, for example, Agent C and are totally unsupervised at work but might want something to look at other than Japanese cheesecake I can fully recommend this "Dark Side of the Rainbow" Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz YouTube spectacular (Google Video has the longer version for completists). Assuming you have a sound-card in that office computer.

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These Japanese Idols remind me of the buzz that surrounded the Warhol superstars. Not that I was around in 1965 or anything.

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